Freeling Residence

• sheryl drinkwater    • architect    • berkeley    • 510 848 4439

“We are enjoying our beautiful space every day.  Often I just look around and appreciate it all. 

So I am very happy to have the chance to let others know what a fantastic job you did.”

Balcom Residence

“Sure you can use me as a reference. I

would be happy to do it. The "new” house is great!”

Mages Residence

“We've had a few people over during the holidays, and everyone loves it. They've all mentioned what nice work you guys have done.  The place does look great.”

LaFleur Residence

“We're extremely happy, and i think that your designs and input were incredibly valuable.” - James LaFleur

“The house looks AWESOME thanks to your amazing handiwork.  We’re thrilled! I literally got tears in my eyes when we walked into the house” - Johanna LaFleur

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